Wildmutt is a cartoon short presentation by Studio B-Hive Productions. It also aired on November 2, 2005 on The Cartoon Cartoon Show from Cartoon Network. This short is a previous short of Kid vs. Kat in Look What my Sister Dragged In?


In the planet Wildusia, Dug Kumander called Wildmutt to Collect Bones from Planet Earth. The Rocket Falls into the Rock While the Petersons are playing Fizzball. Felix look into the broken rocket then he found the Creature. Felix said "I Found this Creature" then Ginnie likes Dogs then we named it Wildmutt and Dad said Bring home to this Creature turns into a Dog. Felix was Worse than i taught but Wildmutt is an Evil Creature to Destroy Planet Earth at the end we bring this creature's home.


  • Felix Peterson
  • Ginnie Peterson
  • Wildmutt
  • Dug Kumander
  • Felix's Dad
  • Dennis
  • Ms. Kitty-Cat


  • This short is the Kat and Wild episode 1b.
  • Mr. Kat was Cameo of this short.
  • A DVD release of Kid vs. Kat season 2 bonus selection.
  • He says "I found this creature" but Wildmutt is an Alien Dog.