The New Adventures of Kid vs. Kat is a fanon upcoming series released on 11 July, 2017 on Nickelodeon, based on the original series of the same name. The series was released on Disney XD on 14 July, 2017, and released on Cartoon Network on 31 July, 2017.

List of Fanon Episodes Edit

Season 1 Edit

  • Pop Goes the Emmas - Coop is forced to take care of three little girls while their parents are away. Coop tries having his life being perfect, but the Emmas made him forced to play with them.
  • Coop-Pid - It's Valentine's Day, but Coop gets hit by one of Mr. Kat's new Robot Cupid Arrows and falls in love with Phoebe.
  • Fiona and the Lost Valentine - Everyone gets their own Valentine in the mailbox, except Fiona. So Coop and Dennis, working with Kat together, decide to find Fiona's missing Valentine card.
  • Clean as a Kat - Coop, Dennis, Millie and their friends are cleaning up the park for summer camp, but Millie brings Kat to summer camp, and Kat keeps making a huge mess.
  • Gold and Bothered - When Kat, Coop and Millie all fell ill from the pink eye flu, Dennis is forced to go get the gold-berries for the cure. He later falls in love with Goldy, Queen of the Golden River.
  • The Phoebe vs. Fiona Showdown - Phoebe has the idea of kissing with Coop at the Mississippi River, but Fiona likes the idea of seeing the view at the Yonah Mountain. Which girl will get to keep Coop forever?
  • Fiona and the Christmas Rescue (Christmas Special) - Coop, Dennis, Kat, and the other children around Bootsville got their Christmas gifts, except Fiona. However, Coop, Kat and their friends got trapped in the Forever Bubble, and are flown away to the Mississippi River. Will Fiona rescue them?
  • Love is in the Sewer - It's Valentine's Day again in Bootsville, and Phoebe daydreams about she kissing Coop in the sewers.
  • Attack of the Puppyzilla - Growler gets turn into a gigantic puppyzilla, and swallows Coop, Mr. Kat and Dennis into him. So it's up to the trio to find an exit to get out of Growler.