Kid Vs Kat Halloween Special is an 1 hour Special Episode and is similar to "Scooby Doo Abracadabra Doo"

Summary: Coop, Millie, Burt, Kat, Dennis, Henry, Coop's Female Teacher, Old Lady Munson and Growler were invited to an Manison Since Old Lady Munson wanted to buy the Manison as her new home and is successed. Kat turns Glowler evil and they serpate from the group and the two release an myth Creature "Chimera" to threaten the group in an Mansion and anywhere around the Mansion, how will Coop and Dennis put an stop to Chimera or the nightmare would never end or will The Group join Coop and Dennis.

This Chimera is mixed parts of multiple animals; an 30 feet Lion Body with 2 headed Lion and 1 Headed Goat and two Lion front feet and Two Goat end feet and 20 long foot Snake for an Tail.