Kat's Girlfriend v2
Kat's girlfriend (AKA Doctor K) looks like Kat but with a more feminine appearance. As she is the same species, she may have the similar abilities as Kat.

She is seen only once in the first season at the conclusion of "The Kitty Vanishes" as a hologram Kat is looking at.

She is seen more often in Season 2, in the episodes:

  • "Birthday Bashed" where Kat converses with her hologram.
  • "Who's Haunting Who?" where Kat looks at her photo.
  • Plays a major role in "The Kat Went Back Part 1" and "The Kat Went Back Part 2", and she's the first Kat Nebulan shown speaking a human language.


Dr. K Stuck 1

Dr. K getting stuck in a mousehole

Dr. K Stuck 2

Second image of dr. K getting stuck in a mousehole

Kat and Dr K Booty Bump

Dr. K and Kat triumph over Coop getting the blame once again

Quotes Edit

  • "Well, at least you and Denniece do more fighting than talking, Agent 27B can be immature sometimes..."
  • "And I can talk too! *Finally scaring Old Lady Munson (who thinks it's the Devil instead of an alien) just to get back at her*"
  • *Getting tired of Kat's immature behavior towards coop* "Maybe a fall from this height would be enough to kill me..."
  • "Coop, we don't have time! *Points at the stars* The Dogonians are coming and Earth hasn't even gotten prepared! It's up to us now!" *Coop: Why "Us", you threw me and my friends in prison for being who we are! Why should I help you? You'll just betray me again!* "Affirmative, but that was in the past! Earth may have won the battle... But now. Now it's time for war..."


◾She's the only Catnipian shown able to speak a human language.

◾She has an accent Coop describes as Russian.

◾She is the third alien shown to speak English. Mr. Cheeks was the first and Spybot is the second.