"BOOTSVILLE" is the new anime movie coming out in 2019.

PLOT: 20 year old Coop David Burtonburger (Nathan Kress) plans on making a formula that can change anything that walks into there evil counterparts. But as he injects the serum into his right arm, he begins to change into a evil Neko named, Mr. Kat (Yamaguchi Kappei). Dennis (Hong Beom Gi) tried to solve the puzzle about Kat's killing spree, but only finds a sea of gore. Coop wakes up every morning covered in human blood, but just as Bert (Trevor Devall) came to Coop's house to confront him, Coop turns into Kat again and chases him down the street.

Police came and arrested Kat and took him to Death Row. Kat escapes and continues his rampage. Fiona (Jennette MCcurdy) tries to stop Kat, but was unsuccessful. Kat sees Millie (Emily Osment) and Woo her into marriage. Coop later wakes up and tries to tell Dennis about his evil counterpart, but fails to belief,Bert only made it worse, and Fiona was in the hospital, but the worse part is, that Millie fell in love with Coop's evil self. Coop was in a real rut, but he thought up a plan to stop Kat from coming to life again.

He made an antidote to kill Kat and become one person again. But Kat leaped out from a nearby mirror and attacks Coop in a shocking/thrilling battle sequence. Coop struggles for the antidote and injects it into the same arm he injected the serum in. Kat dies and knows confessing to people that he's the murderer is not going to be an option. So he moves out of town into somewhere he can get away from it all, never to be seen again.

"So, that's my story. Now, if you want to change history, go ahead and accomplish that goal. But beware, when it comes to accomplishing goals, there will always be someone who wants to slice up all the competition."

-Coop narrating in the ending.

ORIGIN: Kid Vs. Kat / Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

STUDIO: The company that did "Pandora Hearts".

COMMENTS FROM THE CREATOR OF THIS ARTICLE: I always wanted to see everyone's reaction to this anime thriller, so I decided to make it a reality when I go to Tokyo and have a little chat with the animators of Pandora Hearts. It may not be coming out, but it WILL come out sooner or later, when I get the job... So wait and make ideas for some really good Thrillers about Kid Vs. Kat, because this movie is going to top it all off.